The documents and links on this page are designed to support your preparation for the Media Scholarship examination at the end of the year.
To be a successful candidate, you need to be able to demonstrate DEEP and WIDE understanding and knoweldge about Media Industry, Analysis of Film and of Film Genre. The focus of scholarship is on New Zealand Media BUT you must be able to demonstrate knowledge and analysis within the wider context of global media trends, technologies and changes.



Some readings you might find useful:

The first document here is one that requires careful reading as it is the Scholarship standard:

Below are the Suggested Viewing and Reading Lists for Scholarship candidates. These are by no means inclusive but give a clear indication of the topics and areas that you should be very confident about your knowledge and be able to articulate as part of essay writing:

You need to also make sure that you stay abreast of contemporary dicussions, research, articles and other sources of information regarding the impact of media technologies such as social media and explorations of the future of media. Various resources will be uploaded to this page and to other pages on this website as they are located and you should regularly visit the website to follow and explore new links.

You should also carefully study the document below which is a glossary of the expected terminology a Scholarship student should be able to utilise in their essays:

As a begiining point you need to gain an overview of the media in New Zealand. The document below has been recently created by our own widely renowned Media professor at Waikato University, Geoff Lealand:

Below are a heap of documents about the Film industry, both overseas and, more specifically, in New Zealand:


And here is about TV:

And here is anothr heap of knowledge about social media and its impact on media:

And here is a bit about media ethics and copyright (general stuff):

And here is stuff about media theory:

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