Welcome to all you need to know about radio in New Zealand, designing radio programmes, radio script writing, radio terminology and radio broadcasting rules and regulations.

The Historical Context for Radio Broadcasting

Below are a range of documents that you should read and study so that you have some sense of how radio broadcasting has developed and changed..

Below are documents relating to the GENRES of Radio Brodcasting programmes and Radio Conventions and Language Terms...you will need to know these!

NOW, here is the meaty bit! How do you design a radio programme? What does programming mean? What about Sound Effects? Writing Scripts? Speaking correctly on Air? Creating Questions and Interviews? What are the rules about Writing Programmes? What about Vox Pop?

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SO, what should your final and finished programme have to be a 'Polished Radio Production' for the Excellence level of the NCEA Assessment?

This next section is REALLY IMPORTANT. Not only do you need to know these rules for your broadcsting and your own radio programme but your knowledge of the rules governing Broadcasting in New Zealand is linked to another NCEA Assessment worth credits to you! So, you must learn these!

**You should also visit the website of the Broadcasting Standards Authority by clicking on this text** to conduct your own research and detailed background understanding.

NZQA Assessment Documents for AS90993 Design and Plan a media product (radio programme) using specified conventions

Click below to see and hear the results of our first visit to Coast Access Radio, Waikanae last Friday 20 May..

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