Media Production

The following short film entitled 'Angel' was created and directed by Isabelle Bayliss-Brown in 2009, a Year 13 Media Studies student. The music is original. It is a skilled film dedicated to two young teenagers who were involved in a fatal car crash. The film was created as part of her portfolio for admission to the Christchurch Broadcasting School. Needless to say, she was successful. It is a fine example of skilled camera control, creativity and thoughtful construction.

The film below was created by students in England - Year 12 Media Studies - What do you think of it?

A rather interesting production piece starring none other than John Hurt (and if you don't know who he is...Arrrgh!) What do you think of its style? Its' production values? Its' message?

Interested in the creative and artiistic presentation of title sequences in film?
Have a look at